Happy new year!!

Happy new 2012 to all of you!! Have à great year, with vampire diaries and the secret circle!
Only 4 days lett now for a new episode of them!:D


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Only 10 Days Left!!!!

Hi there all Dobrevics! Only 10 more days til’ The Secret Circle and The Vampire Diaries return to the CW, I can’t waaait! Will Cassie learn more about her dark power? And how can the gang in Mystic Falls stop Klaus? See for yourselves on January the 5th!


”Britt Robertson as Cassie Blake in The Secret Circle, and Nina Dobrev as Elena and Katherine in the Vampire Diaries!

New writer/part-owner!


Edvin is one of my best friends, and we have made this website about Nina,, where we write news, share our favourite clips with her and stuffs like that! Don’t forget to vote for Nina Dobrev in the ”Sexiest Woman 2011” competition. Right now, she’s leading with 40 % !!! Don’t stop voting!

Here’s the link!

I miss…

I miss The Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle soooo badly, why can’t it just be January 5th tomorrow? Anyways check out this promo! 😀